Past & Future Meetings

Past and Future Meetings

Upcoming Meetings of the CVRS

Eighteenth 2023 July 12-14 UCL/Great Ormond Street, London

A Brief History of the CVRS

The Child Vision Research Society first took shape in 1987 at an informal gathering of some 35 child vision researchers held in Oxford, UK. The next meeting, in 1989 was held in Cambridge with some 120 participants. Since then the meetings have been hosted by various research groups in turn every two years:

First 1987 July Oxford, UK
Meeting Programme (174kB PDF)
Second 1989 July 3-4 University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Meeting Programme (723kB PDF)
Third 1991 June 12-14 Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Meeting Programme (593kB PDF)
Fourth 1993 July 11-13 Salle Moliere, Lyon, France
Meeting Programme (810kB PDF)
Fifth 1995 June 23-25 Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, Germany
Meeting Programme (764kB PDF)
Sixth 1997 June 6-8 Centro Studi Cassa di Risparmio di Pisa, Pisa, Italy
Meeting Abstracts (500kB PDF)
Abstract Book – Cover Only (80kB JPEG)
Seventh 1999 June 3-5 Institute of Child Health, London, UK
Meeting Programme (878kB PDF)
Eighth 2001 June 14-16 Museum National d’Historie Naturelle, Paris, France
Meeting Programme (472kB PDF)
Ninth 2003 June 12-14 Stenhammar Room, Göteborg, Sweden
(Meeting Website No-longer Available)
Meeting Programme (680kB PDF)
Tenth 2005 June 23-25 Bled, Slovenia
Meeting Webpage
Meeting Programme (68kB PDF)
Abstract Book (480kB PDF)
Eleventh 2007 June 25-27 City University
London, United Kingdom
Archived Meeting Webpage
Twelfth 2009 June 22-24 School of Optometry and Vision Sciences
University of Cardiff, United Kingdom
Archived Meeting Webpage
Thirteenth 2011 June 15-18 Royal Visio
Huizen, The Netherlands
Archived Meeting Webpage
Fourteenth 2013 June 15-18 Toronto, Canada
Fifteenth 2015 June 15-18 Prague, Czech Republic
Sixteenth 2017 June 19-21 Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK
Seventeenth 2019   Università di Pisa, Italy
A Tribute to Ruxandra Sireteanu by François Vital-Durand.
A Tribute to Velma Dobson by Graham Quinn.
A Tribute to Davida Teller.
Obituary: Samuel Sokol.