Mailing List

CVRS Mailing List

The CVRS Mailing List has now been migrated to Google Groups.

Please Note:

  • The list is private, even as a subscriber you cannot view the addresses of other subscribers.
  • The list is ‘one-way’: if you “Reply-To:” a list message your reply will only go to the original sender of the message, not to the entire list.
  • If you post as a subscriber directly to the list your message will be (politely) rejected.
  • If you post as a non-subscriber directly to the list your message will be (less politely) rejected.
  • The ability to post to the list will be granted by prior arrangement to individuals organizing meetings or posting notices of significant interest to subscribers.
  • Archived copies of list postings can be accessed by subscribers who are subscribed with a google email address or who have signed into Google with their own (subscribed) address at:!forum/cvrsoc.

If you want to subscribe to the CVRS Mailing List you may do so at:!forum/cvrsoc/join/

You DO NOT need to sign up for a google account or use a Google email address, just enter the email address to which you want mailings to be sent.

Alternatively you can subscribe or unsubscribe by sending an email to: to join the list

    or to leave the list

If you want to be able to make changes to your account such as add/change your display name or alter whether you receive individual emails as they are posted or periodic digests, you should, if the email address you use is not already a google sign-in address, register for a Google account using that address.

Or you can email me to make changes for you.

This is a very low volume list, so consider whether you really need to go for the digest version.