CVRS 2007
XIth Biennial Meeting of the
Child Vision Research Society
CVRS2007 Meeting Photograph Attendees at CVRS2007
This is a montage of three versions of the photograph, using parts of each in order to get one whole picture where everyone (more-or-less) is looking at the about trying to herd cats    8^)
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The eleventh meeting of the Child Vision Research Society will be held in

London, United Kingdom


25-27 June, 2007
City University Entrance on John Street
Google Earth     
Northampton Square Entrance
[ 51 31.6622 n 0 6.1402 w ]
John Street Entrance
[ 51 31.6343 n 0 6.2630 w ]
This multidisciplinary meeting invites contributions from all clinical and basic science subfields including those of ophthalmology, optometry, orthoptics, psychology and visual science.

The meeting will incorporate a festschrift to mark the retirement of Alistair Fielder with keynote speakers to include Janette Atkinson (London), Graham Quinn (Philadelphia) and Kurt Simons (Baltimore).

Abstract submission, registration and further meeting information through this website or email:

Download meeting publicity poster: poster.pdf (151kB)

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