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Monday 19 June 2017

0900 – 1600 registration

0900                 Coffee

Session 1

9.30 Welcome
9.40 Aya Sami Preparation for the EUSCREEN Study: gathering data on vision and hearing screening programmes in 41 European countries
10.00 Shelley Hopkins Vision screening outcomes and uncorrected eye conditions in Grade 2 schoolchildren
10.20 Frea Sloot Visual acuity measurement at 36 months in population-wide eye screening in the Netherlands: 17-22% failure rate
10.40 Anna O’Connor Improving the reliability of paediatric visual acuity testing


11.00                Coffee Break & Posters


Session 2

11.30 Prof Anita Simmers KEYNOTE

Amblyopia: what is all the fuss about? 


12.25 Eileen Birch Self-Esteem in Amblyopic Children
12.45 Kathleen Vancleef ASTEROID; an engaging and glasses-free stereotest on a 3D tablet


 1.05pm             LUNCH

 Session 3

1.45 – 3.30 POSTER WALK  (Odd numbers) 

COFFEE during poster sessions

Session 4

3.30 Susan Leat Can the preference for faces be used to measure recognition acuity in infants?
3.50 Sean Chen Experience dependent plasticity of form and motion mechanisms in human amblyopia.
4.10 F Tinelli Visual field defects in children with hemiplegia: spontaneous reorganization and training strategies
4.30 Arvind Chandna Quantitative characterisation of visual function alterations in children with mild cerebral visual impairment


5.00      Business meeting (open to all those interested in the future of CVRS)

            Drinks Reception and bus leaves for Dinner

7.00pm             DINNER

Evening: Conference dinner and Whiskey tasting


Tuesday 20 June 2017  – CVI theme day

 Session 5        

9.00 Naomi Dale Developmental profiles and trajectories, including ‘developmental setback’ and effectiveness of early intervention, from 1 to 3 years of age in children with severe visual impairment (VI): OPTIMUM cohort
9.20 Hanna Sakki Visual perceptual abnormalities in children with congenital cerebral visual impairment
9.40 Lea Hyvarinen Visual Processing problems in School age assessments – a task for teams

Session 6 

10.00 – 12.00 POSTER WALK  (Even numbers) 


11.15 EUSCREEN Meeting

COFFEE during poster sessions

Session 7

12.00 Prof Els Ortibus KEYNOTE

An integrative approach of the assessment of CVI


12.55pm CVRS PHOTO! 

1.00pm LUNCH:

Session 8                    CVI from other stakeholder perspectives

2.00 Helen St Clair Tracy Making CVI accessible to the layman – approaches, techniques and outcome
2.20 Nicola McDowell Unmasked simultanagnosia; Gaining a better understanding of this impairment from the inside
2.40 Sara McCracken Education Advocacy delivered through the Family Insight project
3.00 Panel discussion


3.20                  Coffee BREAK

Session 9

3.50 Cathy Williams Severe intraventricular haemorrhage (IVH) with posthaemorrhagic ventricular dilatation after premature birth is associated with multiple visual impairments at age 10-11 years
4.10 Marlou Kooiker Evidence for cerebral visual processing dysfunctions at 1y and 2y in children born extremely preterm
4.30 Jenefer Sargent Assessing functional vision skills in children with severe cerebral palsy: findings from a structured history taking and assessment approach

Approx 7.00pm             DINNER & Ceilidh


Wednesday 21 June 2017

 Session 9

9.00 Prof Marjean Kulp



The impact of uncorrected hyperopia on literacy


10.00 Jim Gilchrist Differences in reading ability are associated with differences in visual perceptual skills in primary school-children
10.20 Krista Kelly Slow reading and fine motor deficits in school-age children with anisometropic amblyopia

10.40                Coffee break  

Session 10

11.20 Carol Westall The feasibility of adding retinal nerve fibre layer thickness measures to ERG assessments for monitoring vigabatrin treatment in young (< 3 years) children.
11.40 Aarti Patel Retinal and optic nerve development of full term and premature born children investigated by handheld spectral domain optical coherence tomography (HH SD-OCT)
12.00 Arijit Chakraborty Naso-temporal asymmetry for global motion perception in uniocular children
12.20 Daphne McCulloch Noise coherence as a threshold measure of stereopsis

12.40                Lunch

Session 11

1.30 Siobhan Ludden


Reading and attention in relation to naturalistic accommodation response in typical children
1.50 Valldeflors Vinuela-Navarro Evidence for fixation instability in children with Down syndrome
2.10 T Rowan Candy Vergence responses to oscillating disparity in 5-10 week-olds

 2.30                  Announcement of Presentation Winners

CRVS next meeting venue announced

 3.00pm             Conference closes

 3.15pm             Bus leaves for Giant ’s Causeway visit. All delegates welcome.  Note there will be some walking involved.